Sunday, April 11, 2010

Making your own teabags

Well, making your own teabags is probably the easiest and best way to have tea at work if you don't have a good way to rinse out a teapot. Currently I've been working with the Finum teabags. They seem to be ok, but they do seem to exhibit almost all of the downsides of using paper teabags. The Finums are made of paper so they do absorb some of the tea, and flavors inherently released in the brewing process. I have seen in the past that there are disposable teabags made of the preferable mesh material, but I can't seem to find a reliable vendor for them. Using the paper teabags, I tend to find that even though there's a considerable volume in the teabag, the leaf falls to the bottom and gets constricted when it tries to expand.

Sadly I have yet to find a better option, but this is the best option for how I brew tea at work currently.


Anonymous said...

Hello Eric,

i saw an onlinestore which offer 'do it yourself' teabags.

The size of the teabags are 6x7 centimeter small (the also have bigger sizes) and "of a certain kind of banana with a supplement of thermoplastic fibers". Interesting is the art to close the bags: "Take a flat iron and press it with medium heat above the unclosed side".

I didn´t use this teabags myself yet, but this may be a nice way to buid our own teabags ;)

I hope you don´t mind if i post the shopadress here:



p.s. sorry for my not perfect english...

Victoria said...


Anonymous said...

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Daniel@ Let's Drink Tea said...

This would make a great gift for people who can't be bothered with looses leaf tea, but I feel are missing out by only sticking to tea bags.

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