Saturday, February 2, 2008


Tea: Cookie 5537
Vendor: Lupicia USA
Price: $ 6.00/ 50g

The cookie tea from Lupicia is a tea that I have heard about from a few different people. I had never heard of anyone actually trying it though so I figured I had to try it out for myself. When in a Lupicia store this is probably one of the most noticeable teas as it smells very strongly of cookies. In particular it smells like a large batch of danish butter cookies.

The aroma of this tea is very much what made me interested in this tea. It is much stronger of a scent than most teas. When one smells this tea you don't notice much of a tea scent at all, simply the cookie smell. When looking at the leaf for this, most of the leaf for this tea consists of small brown pellets mixed with black tea leaf. I assume that these pellets are the source of the scent for this tea.

Actually drinking this tea was a bit of a disappointment, while the brewed scent of cookies still remained fairly strong, there was no flavor of cookies to be had. There was almost no flavor to be found, with no astringency and no bitterness. It was in a word, empty. I wonder if this tea was intended for children and the like to be the perfect tea for a tea party. While this tea fills the room with a smell of cookies, it has a beautiful dark red color. I did not try mixing this tea with cream or sugar, but I imagine that with the very mild taste they would blend in well.

Rating: 3/10

Conclusion: This is a very interestingly scented tea, although the liquor of the tea leaves much to be desired.

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