Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wakamatsu No Mukashi

Tea: Wakamatsu no Mukashi
Vendor: Ippodo
Price: 1500 Yen / 20 g
Vendor Description: For the matcha connoisseur with a discerning taste, Wakamatsu-no-mukashi is an excellent choice. Rich in umami, it has a distinct fragrance and aftertaste that linger pleasantly in the throat. Wakamatsu-no-mukashi is also an excellent choice as a koicha.

Powder: The matcha powder has a nice light green color to it. It is a very bright color with a rich and sweet aroma.

Infused: The foam took on a brilliant green hue. The flavor is rich an bold. As I was drinking this matcha it had a very calming effect on me. The flavor was smooth with nothing unpleasant about the experience at all.

Rating: 10/10

Conclusion: Quite easily this is the best matcha I have had to date. Unfortunately I have not had that much experience with matcha still. Given the plethora of different grades and suppliers my repertroire of matcha experience is still developing. That said though the flavor of this match was superb, it was rich and thick with no bitterness or astringency. The color was radiant and beautiful and the experience overall was just very pleasant. Also the price of this matcha is very reasonable (although as with all Ippodo tea the shipping is brutal).


carlo said...

what do you mean with: "the shipping is brutal"?

Can I also ask you how much is the shipping price?

Thanks a lot 4 your great reviews,


Eric said...

Shipping from Ippodo is always done via EMS, it starts at 1400 Yen. 1400 Yen to ship a 1500 Yen item is pretty steep. Thankfully it's done by ship weight and not by purchase price like some other vendors. But still it goes up pretty fast.

olivierco said...

Very good matcha indeed.

Concerning Ippodo shipping costs, if you order about 8 items, the cost is about 300Y per item (if you don't have to pay some extra customs fees as it happens sometimes in France)