Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blueberry Tea Shortbread

Snack: Blueberry Tea Shortbread
Vendor: Biscotea
Vendor Description:White Tea from China's Fujian province has long been celebrated for it's cooling properties. High in antioxidants, this tea is mellow, slightly woodsy in character and combines subtly with Organic Blueberry flavor and the richness of BISCOTTEA® Shortbread.

This shortbread again felt rather crunchy for a shortbread. The snack itself is speckled with small dark particles, which I'm assuming to be bits from the blueberries. The sweet flavor of blueberries is very prominent and is a very enjoyable shortbread. It took me a minute to realize the tea component to this particular offering as the Chai was very obvious. The blueberry sits atop the creaminess of white tea. In comparison to a normal shortbread, the sweetness and fruitiness of the blueberries sit atop the normal buttery flavor of a shortbread, which all rests atop the thick creaminess of a white tea.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds delicious. I'm surprised you can taste any White Tea with the strong blueberries and then the richness of the shortbread. --Jason