Monday, August 10, 2009


Steepster is an interesting site I came across a few days ago. It seems almost like a twitter for tea. (That also posts to twitter for you if you like). Whenever you drink a tea you can log that you drank it, a few notes about it, and if you liked it or not. You can also follow other people to see what they are drinking or just look up a tea and find quick notes and thoughts on them from everyone who has drank them. What's nice is that it separates each tea by their vendor, and if a tea is not there, you may add one. The list is growing, but is already quite expansive. Personally I would like to see more sorting / organization beyond the normal Black / Green / Oolong / etc lines and see some way to dig in to say find Wuyi rock oolongs or Japanese Green Teas. Although that brings up some good questions on organization that I've been thinking about, but that's for a later time once I've thought it through a bit more. For now though, Steepster, still in Beta looks to be a promising new frontier on the land of tea cataloging, reviewing and blogging.

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