Monday, March 22, 2010

Tea and Work

So lately I've been drinking most of my tea at work. This constitutes a significant problem for enjoying tea, I don't have my equipment at work and don't have an easy way to dispose of leaves. (No sink in the office.) So there are a variety of different options, but the question is what to do. Some of the common ideas I've seen are:

-- Just use bagged tea
-- Bag your own
-- Drink matcha
-- Progressive leaf pile growth

I'll go over what I find as some of the pros and cons of each of these. But I wonder, does anyone else have some methods they like to use?


Teaman said...

I drink loose leaf tea every day at work. I have several varieties in my desk. For steeping I use a slick inexpensive system cheapest from Upton Tea:
and the handle at:
This combo gives you a throw-away paper filter that you put loose tea in. I've used it for years.

You could also use a stainless steel filter also from them or anyone else. For about $8 the Finum version works great. It requires a rinse after in a sink which may not work as well.

Or get the Ingenuitea from Adagio Tea. It's a nifty plastic filter with a trap door in the bottom. I use it at home all the time. But it too requires a rinse cleanup.

BTW I have no connection with Upton or Adagio in any way other than as a happy customer of those products. I've researched both in other online stores and the Upton filters are cheapest. The nice feature about the Ingenuitea filter from Adagio is that the 16 oz size has a removable plastic framed filter in the bottom that is a "key" feature for me. Their larger size doesn't (at least the one I got a few years ago didn't) and it gets kind of grotty between the filter and the trap door.

Hope this helps.

Teaman said...

Whoops, wrong link for the filter bags. It should have been this one:
You get 100 for $4.80, a bargain.

Eric said...

Actually that is pretty much what I do too. Although i don't bother with the handle.

I found the same limitations with cup filters and the ingenuitea as you found.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

*** NOTE - A: Store your tea in an airtight container (that is not made of metal), and place it in a cold, dark location.
Lining a box and it's lid with several sheets of Saran Wrap (This brand only) is the 2nd best way to keep the air out. ***

*** NOTE - B: Only use a Pyrex glass pan to heat the tea water.
Glass often has lead in it, even those for use with food, especially if it was made in China.
Metal tea kettles can add a nasty or bitter flavor to the water. ***

*** NOTE - C: Only use a Pyrex tea pot or a Ceramic tea pot, that has NEVER been used to make anything else, to brew your tea. ***

*** NOTE - D: NEVER wash anything you use for tea making in a dishwasher,
Always wash them by hand AND rinse them with distilled water before letting drip dry.
Distilled water is near the ironing items in the grocery store. ***

>>> If you are NOT doing the above now, please try making your tea this way.
The taste of your Tea should improve greatly. <<<

* What do I put my tea leaves into for brewing ? *

01) My 1st choice is a very old, hand made, silver plated, tea ball like spoon (spoon with holes), that has a very long handle.
The two halves of the tea ball like spoon move apart when you press the end of the long handle.
It is very easy to add leaves at the bottom of a large container without having to put your hands inside and leaving behind whatever was on your skin at the time .

02) My 2nd choice is to use a large silver or gold plated tea ball with a screw on lid.

* What do I do with my used tea leaves ? *

01) Shake the leaves into a toilet and flush.
Then wipe the tea ball with some toilet paper to remove the last of the leaves and to dry it.
You will wash and dry it again, when you get home.

>>> Doing this has an one additional bonus.
It can make the place smell a little bit better. <<<

02) However, if you can not dump the used leaves into a toilet, put the Tea Ball with the used leaves still inside, into a Quart Size, Ziplock STORAGE Bag.
Then put that one inside a Gallon Size, Ziplock Storage bag.
This will, pretty much, stop all leaks.

>>> Bringing the used tea leaves home has many advantages. A few follow below. <<<

01) You can also reuse the used tea leaves in your bath water.
All you need to do is transfer the used leaves, to a large, cheap tea ball and place it into the bath water.
Then, relax and enjoy a nice long soak in the tea infused bath water.

Since the used leaves are somewhat astringent, they can remove excess oil on your skin.

02) In the bath water, the leaves can help clear up other skin problems, such as large pores and zits, by exfoliating your dead skin.

03) When added to a foot bath the leaves remove offensive foot order.

04) I have read, adding it to a foot bath can help speed up healing athlete's foot.

05) Older used tea leaves makes some great compost.
Just sprinkle it on top of the soil in your garden, or use it this way on your house plants.

I hope that the information I have chosen to share with all of you tea lovers, will let you enjoy your tea more.

Happy holidays to you all !!!

Tea gifts said...

Hi I usually brew my loose leaf tea in the morning, put it in a travel mug and drink it through the morning. Sometimes I'll make iced loose leaf tea the night before and then keep in the fridge and then take to work in the morning.