Wednesday, May 7, 2008

English Caramel

Tea: English Caramel - 5500
Vendor: Lupicia USA
Price: $5.00 /50g.
Vendor Description: Caramel's aromatic bittersweet flavor emphasizing the sweetness of tea, makes this a caramel tea for adult tastes. Even more delicious when adding sugar and milk .

Leaf: There was a very strong sweet caramel aroma coming from this tea. The leaf itself though looked like most leaf does with very a very uniform shape and size and black color characteristic of most flavored black teas.

1st Infusion: There was a very sweet aroma, although the aroma didn't match the sweet caramel aroma coming from the leaf before infusing. The flavor was sweet to match the aroma and the tea had a very light flavor. The tea was light bodied but it had a strong sense of sweetness. It was very light feeling for a black tea, but it was very filled with flavor. The majority of the flavor was the very strong sweetness component to it. There was a light sense of astringency on the back end.

2nd Infusion: Rather surprisingly this tea retained some of the sweetness for the second infusion. Normally with flavored teas I find that the sweetness or flavor is extracted in the first infusion. The sense of astringency did grow to a medium astringency though.

Rating: 7/10

Conclusion: For a flavored tea this was a very good one. I liked the sweetness and imagine that this tea would be very rich and sweet if paired with milk and sugar. Children would probably very much enjoy this tea.

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