Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Imperial MeiZhan

Tea: Imperial MeiZhan 2006
Vendor: Seven Cups
Price: $ 19.31 / 50g
Source: Fujian Province, China
Vendor Description: This tea from the MeiZhan bush is famous for its unique fragrance similar to dried plums. It grows mostly on the foothills of the WuYI Mountains and is popular for its rich aroma but milder taste compared to other Rock oolong tea. Its dark amber tea color yields a roasted nut flavor with a smooth lingering aftertaste. This traditional rock oolong is perfect for tea drinker looking for an economical everyday tea.

Additional Vendor Information:
Location: Fujian Province
Tea Bush: MeiZhan
Tea Master: Liu Guo Ying
Harvest Time: April-May
Picking Standard: zhong kai mian (3 slightly open leaves)
Brewing vessel: glass cup, gaiwan, glass or porcelain pot, yixing pot
Brewing Guidelines: 1st infusion 1 ½ Tbs per 20 oz 212F for 1 min
Infusions: at least 6 times

Leaf: The leaf for this tea consists of very long and large leaves. Not that unusual for an oolong, but what was surprising was the lack of broken pieces or dust. The leaves were a very dark shade of brown, closer to a black.

1st Infusion: The tea was very light brown in color. It smelled a lot like a roasted hojicha. The tea had a very sweet flavor to it with a very light astringency. There was no bitterness to it.

2nd Infusion: This had a much lighter flavor and lighter color to it this time.

Rating: 7/10

Conclusion: This oolong was more like the oolong that I am used to. It was a light and sweet flavor. I didn't have much to experiment with but I imagine I could get a lot more out of this tea with more practice.

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