Monday, June 16, 2008

Felicitea Contest

I got sent an email regarding an interesting contest over at They're trying to think of a good way to convert a coffee drinker to a tea lover with their "Coffee to Tea Conversion Contest". There are apparently two phases for this contest, the first being a 30-90 second video about tea being better than coffee, and the second is actually trying to convert lovers of the bean.

I'm interested to see what the entries are like. It's an unusual thought because this is asking the tea side to look to the coffee pangs inside themselves, and find something to relate to. Whatever this is would have to cross between the images and stereotypes of coffee and tea. Probably tie in with the pros/cons of tea and coffee.

For more details about the contest, read here.

Thanks to Summer at Felicitea for the heads up about this.

1 comment:

Summer said...

That's an excellent way of putting it. Thank for posting about the contest!

Hope you enter yourself. :)