Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Interesting offer

So I received an email from Lupicia about a week ago, it was their standard new product announcement, this one was for their new Winter Plucked High Mountain Oolongs. Not that surprising in and of itself, but this one had a rather interesting offer with it. If you purchase $10 in the Taiwanese winter tea (the new teas) you receive a Shin or Inn teapot. A purchase of $25 or more and you can have a Chen Tea Set instead. Something a bit unusual about this offer though is that the teas range in price from $28.00 to $42.00. So you can always get the Chen tea set. I opted to try the Mt. Tayu Taiwan Oolong Winter Tea Super Grade (25g) which is $28.00. This earned me the Chen Tea set.

The Shin and Inn tea pots are $9.00 each, but the Chen Set is $66.00 by itself. This makes the offer particularly interesting. It's essentially getting the set for over half off and some tea as well. The Chen set is basically a small gong fu set, it consists of a small pitcher, bot, two cups, and a base. Everything is made of matching clay.

The pot itself seems ok, the strainer is unfortunately flush with the wall of the pot, i.e. not a golf ball style filter. It has rather large holes, about 7 in total. If you are brewing some large leaf oolongs or something, this is perfect. The lid appears to have a very nice fit.

The base is has a very nice feel to it, the drainage to the bottom bowl consists of 13 holes in the center of the dish. It's just large enough to fit the rest of the set on easily.

The cups are about the right size for normal gong fu tasting cups, and have a very nice feel to them. The cups are light, yet solid, and the lip has a very nice feel to it. The clay is smooth and attractive.

All in all I think this is a rather interesting deal if you are looking for a small gong fu set. This deal is particularly well paired with a small addition in order to get free shipping. I'm not sure if this is available in stores or not.


Brent said...

How big is the pot?

Mary R said...

Did you need a code or something? I don't see directives on the website for taking them up on this offer.

Eric said...

The pot is ~ 4oz.

You don't seem to need a code or anything. The original offer was sent via email, and I couldn't find any reference to it on the website. Just mention it in the comment section and possibly send them an email just to be sure.