Saturday, September 13, 2008

Minute Matcha

Tea: Minute Matcha
Vendor: Lupicia USA

About this tea: Minute matcha isn't exactly a stellar matcha, but it has it's appeal in being in small packets. The matcha is packed into small tubes resembling sugar packets (the long kind, not the traditional American rectangular ones). So they are primarily a convenience item so you can add matcha to something on the go.

Powder: There are two notable characteristics about this matcha. The first is that it doesn't clump. There is an anticlumping agent added to it for this. Secondly it is very dark in color. This alludes to the quality of the matcha being less than top end.

Matcha: The tea had a very dark green color to it, and it was very difficult to get to foam up like regular matcha. The flavor tasted like an average matcha, nothing special and nothing terrible. There were hints of a nori(seaweed) flavor to the matcha. It also had a slight astringency which is rare for matcha. The texture was slightly more gritty than regular matcha.

Rating: 4/10

Conclusion: As pure matcha this tea is not terribly spectacular. The primary appeal of it is in it's convenience. It makes it easy to make a bottle of matcha flavored water on the go very easy. Just rip open a tube and pour it into a bottle of water. It has the same appeal as the instant iced tea / lemonade / crystal light packets. I carry a few of these around with me when I travel, it makes for a nice addition to a bottle of orange juice in the morning.

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