Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tencha - Round 3

So having gone on the high end for temperature brewing Tencha, I decided to try brewing it on the cold side.

Brewing Parameters: 5 g leaf, 5 oz water, 37F water, 3 pulls per infusion 90 second separation.

1st Infusion, 1:30: This infusion has a very light and pale green color to it. The aroma is cool, rich, and calming. The flavor is very cool and creamy. It leaves a very clean feeling to the mouth. It has a bit of a smooth feeling coating the throat on the way down. The actual tea flavor is very light and barely noticeable. The creaminess of the flavor is definitely noticeable.

1st Infusion, 3:00: This time the color was light and pale green. The flavor is stronger than the first pull, but it is still very creamy and smooth. The taste is very crisp and cool. There is a light bit of tea flavored tanginess detectable in this infusion, but the main feeling I get from this is a very smooth, cool, and refreshing feeling.

1st Infusion, 4:30: This infusion started to develop a lightly opaque green color. It is strating to show it's gyokuro type flavor as a gyokuro umami creaminess is definitely showing through. The flavor feels like a regular infusion of a gyokuro.

2nd Infusion, 1:30: This infusion has a slightly hazy/milky appearance to it, the infusion is more of a pale yellow color this time. The taste is clear yet creamy at the same time. It feels thick, and has still a light tea flavor to it.

2nd Infusion, 3:00: The tea took on a pale yellow green color, and it feels very similar to the 1:30 pull from the second infusion.

2nd Infusion, 4:30: This infusion has more flavor to it, the flavor is thicker and creamier and has some tangs of flavor on the edges of the flavor. There isn't much in the regular center of the flavor though. The color is a lighter green color and has an aftertaste more akin to regular gyokuro.

3rd Infusion, 2:00: This infusion was light and almost a clear green color. The flavor was still creamy, but it feels as though it is hinting of letting up. There are definite tones of gyokuro grassiness. The tea is still very cool, crisp, and refreshing.

3rd Infusion, 4:00: This infusion was not quite as creamy, but it was still more refreshing and cleaner than chilled water alone. There is not much actual tea flavor to be found though.

3rd Infusion, 6:00: At this point the flavor is all but gone. It is right on the border of regular water with a light pale green color. There are traces of the sweet flavor still, but it reminds me of the flavor of just adding a bit of regular gyokuro to a glass of water.

All in all I would say that I a lot of flavor came out of one batch of leaf for a lot of different experiences.

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