Friday, August 15, 2008

Classic Black

Tea: Classic Black
Vendor: Mighty Leaf
Price: $10.95 / 10 bags (no tin)
Source: India/Ceylon
Vendor Description: Classic Black Iced Tea consists of high-grown Indian and Ceylon black teas that make a flavorful and thirst quenching summer iced tea.

Leaf: This tea is actually in the form of a teabag. The teabag is for a whole gallon of tea. Even given the large size of the teabag it still fills out fully when steeped and brews a dark black tea.

1st Infusion (only): The brewing instructions for this tea called for brewing about half of the batch and then adding it to another half gallon of ice. The infusion before mixing with the ice is very dark and rich looking. After adding it to the ice it takes on a classic dark brown iced tea color. It is surprisingly murky though. The tea has a very sweet black flavor. It is very cool and refreshing, with just a light sense of astringency. The flavor is very smooth and the flavor is strong and bold. It hints at senses of a Darjeeling in flavor, but is dominated by the classic iced tea flavor.

Rating: 8/10

Conclusion: While this is not a particularly exceptional tea, it is very solid and a very good bargain for the price. For about 11 dollars you get 10 gallons of iced tea. The flavor is very solid and classic. This tea would be perfect for any family gatherings or get togethers.

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