Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tearoom - Lamyx Tea Bar

I recently had the opportunity to visit Lamyx Tea Bar in Oakland, CA. I had gotten their card when I had visited the tea symposium in Berkeley earlier this year, but had never gotten the chance to swing by and take a look.

Lamyx is probably best described as a coffee house, but with much less coffee. They have an assortment of tables, benches, and the typical comfy chair to sit in. Tea is served in a small tetsubin and a yunomi. Well at least for the genmaicha that I ordered. By the look of the place though, that was standard fare for anyone ordering tea (not to go obviously) regardless of the type. Their menu also included some more interesting forms of tea aside from traditional loose leaf teas, including tea smoothies, boba, and well coffee.

Probably one of the nicest things about Lamyx was that they were open until midnight. This makes it a great place to hang out at and not really worry about the time. The environment has a very pleasant casual atmosphere.

In the back there is a small area for teawares and teas. Their teas are in 3 oz tins and they offer samplers. Their selection of teawares are rather limited, but have some nice pieces in it. They also have a rather broad selection of teas with a well balanced offering.

I enjoyed the time that I had spent there and have a feeling that if it was closer to where I lived, I would spend a good amount of time there.

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