Thursday, May 28, 2009

Organic Emerald Pearls

Tea: Organic Emerald Pearls
Vendor: Mighty Leaf
Price: $16.95 / 4 oz
Source: Anhui, China
Vendor Description: Organic Emerald Pearls green tea, grown on a farm in the Yellow Mountains of China's Anhui province, has tender, deep green leaves and buds. With a flowery aroma and fresh, sweet green tea flavor, this organic green tea is a unique taste experience.

Leaf: This leaf is a light and fluffy green tea. It's probably one of the fluffiest greens that I have seen. The leaves are all smaller more delicate leaves with a very fresh green aroma to them.

1st Infusion Parameters: 5g, 5oz, 185F, 45s

1st Infusion: This infusion has a light and fresh aroma to it. It reminds me lightly of a dragonwell in terms of aroma. It is rather characteristically a Chinese green tea though. The color of the tea itself is a yellow brown hue. The flavor is surprisingly sweet and creamy. The combination is quite interesting for this tea. There is no bitterness or astringency to this tea.

2nd Infusion Parameters: 45s, 185F

2nd Infusion: This infusion has a lighter green color to it. The infused leaf reminds me of used sencha leaf. It is surprisingly light green in color though. The flavor is much bolder as a green tea though. It is not as sweet as the first infusion, but has a rich flavor to it.

Rating: 7/10

Conclusion: This tea is interesting. It is probably one of the best organics that I have had, but it had a rather surprising change between the first and second infusions. It would have been better if it was a bit more uniform in flavor. The name of this tea is a bit misleading, the pearls portion of the name remind me of Jasmine Pearls which are typically rolled into balls, this tea was quite the opposite.

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