Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teavent - Taiwan Winter Tea Tasting

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend one of Lupicia's tasting events to showcase their new winter Taiwanese Oolongs. This was the first of the 6 times this even is being held in the SF Bay Area. There are a few in the Southern California stores as well.

The teas they sampled were their Tikuanyin, Jade Dew Mingjian, Milky Gold Mingjian, Tung Ting Heavy Roast, Mt. Ali, and a special Shan Lin Xi. The TKY was sampled to show the comparative difference between a Chinese green oolong and the Taiwanese green oolongs. The Shan Lin Xi was a special competition winning oolong that unfortunately is not available for sale, but a special treat for the event.

The tasting consisted of a first and second infusion of the teas with the exception of the Shan Lin Xi, which went well into 5. The event was informative if you don't know much about production of Taiwanese oolongs or some of the more complicated brewing styles in general. Both gaiwans and gongfu brewing were used. The tasting also included the use of aroma cups for a few of the teas, which were new to most of the attendees.

All in all the teas were quite enjoyable, and the event was quite fun. I look forward to the next events that they may hold in the coming months. If you can make it to one of these events I would highly suggest attending. You get to try out some fabulous teas for free.

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Salsero said...

What a great event. Thanks for telling us about it.