Sunday, March 2, 2008

Book Review - A Guide to Tea

The book A Guide To Tea by Adagio Teas is the book that is included with gift set orders, or is alternately available for purchase individually. It is a very short work, intended as an overview to the world of teas rather than an in depth handbook on teas.

Due to the shortness of the book, it primarily aims at some of the myths and common points of tea, such as tea all comes from camellia sinensis, anything not from camellia sinensis is not really "tea", quality, storage, brewing, etc. It is a very good quick overview, but lacks any true body.

This is a good book for anyone wanting to just take a quick glance at tea and not spend a night or two reading a more in depth book. It is beautifully illustrated, and if received by purchasing a gift set from adagio, quite worth it. The prose for the writing though is a bit unusual, I found myself rereading sections more than once, and I also don't think this book warrants an individual purchase. It might be a good book to slip a friend if you think they might be interested in tea.

Rating: 5/10

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