Saturday, March 8, 2008

Teabag - Green Tea Tropical

Tea: Green Tea Tropical
Vendor: Mighty Leaf Tea
Price: $8.95 / 15 teabags
Source: China
Vendor Description: Green Tea Tropical boasts smooth green tea leaves that harmoniously blend with sweet tropical fruits to create a sensation as uplifting as a breeze off the isle of Papenoo. A healthy and refreshing blend rich in antioxidants, Green Tea Tropical makes ideal an introduction to green tea.

Green Tea Tropical is available in 100 individually foil wrapped and 15 individually cello-wrapped biodegradable Tea Pouches™.

I was excited to try out this tea, as I had seen this in stores before, but hadn't picked it up to try it out yet. I have had a few tropical teas from Lupicia before, and so fare I had enjoyed them all.

When I opened this tea the first thing I noticed was the aroma from the pouch. My initial thought was that it smelled of pineapple soda, which doesn't really smell that much like fresh pineapple, but is it's own flavor. Similar to how watermelon and strawberry candies don't always taste like watermelon and strawberries. They have their own flavor associated with them like the Jolly Rancher flavors. I had also had the thought that the tea was going to be similar to a sencha for no particularly valid reason. (I did not look up the origin until after tasting the tea)

The first infusion of the tea had a very sweet scent to it, but it was an interestingly generic sense of sweetness. It didn't have much of a sense of pineapple or guava as the pouch had indicated, but rather a general sense of sweetness to an aroma. The tea itself was not particularly strong, but had a smooth green tea flavor which suggested that the tea was from China. The front end of the tea had a distinctive sweetness too it, but not overpowering. It was a light fruity flavor, and it also tapered off to allow the green tea flavor to come through almost in a switch.

The second infusion was a little sweeter and fruitier, but lacked any really distinctive qualities to it. The tea itself was a bit weaker, and was on the resteeping borderline.

Rating: 7/10

Conclusion: The tea was good, but lacked a certain boldness of flavor that I was hoping for. Both the tropical portion and the tea portion could stand to be a bit stronger. If you're looking for a light relaxing tea this is not a bad choice.

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