Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow Dragon

Tea: Snow Dragon
Vendor: Art of Tea
Price: $15.00 / 20z.
Source: Fujian, China
Vendor Description: Only once a year, in the early spring, when the frost begins to melt off the first flush. the tea buds and tips are hand harvested, then carried by basket to be immediately pan dried. Our garden select Snow Dragon is cultivated in Northern Fujian China, and is comparable to a white tea. Each cup offers a clean refreshing flavor with soft, woodsy notes.

Leaf: The leaf for this tea was very uniform and curly. The leaves were all about the same size.

1st Infusion: The infusion had a very reminiscent green tea smell. It reminded me very much of the aroma from a dragonwell. Unlike a dragonwell though this tea had a very strong bitterness to it. The strength of the bitterness slowly built up and then quickly cut off to nothing. The flavor of the tea though was reminiscent of a dragonwell. One very unusual thing about the liquor was the very small black flecks that were floating around on the surface. I'm not quite sure what those were from.

2nd Infusion: This cup had a strong flavor on the front end instead of the gradual buildup of the first infusion. The flavor was quite strong, but it was not full bodied. It was a light bodied, yet strong tea.

Rating: 8/10

Conclusion: This tea had a flavor very similar to dragonwell, and is indicative of the taste of Chinese greens.

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