Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tangerine Sencha

Tea: Tangerine Sencha
Vendor: Imperial Tea Court
Price: $8.75 / 4 oz.
Vendor Description: An instant hit with tea drinkers when first introduced, our naturally scented Tangerine Sencha has become one of the most popular selections in our San Francisco teahouse. Embraced by adults and children alike, Tangerine Sencha makes a perfect introduction to green tea and tastes great iced, too.

The tangerine sencha has a very nice aroma to the leaf. There are a few bits of orange peel added to the mix which increase the orange scent and add a bit of color, but compared to the picture on the imperial tea website, not nearly as much.

The liquor has a very yellow/orange color to it, a stark contrast to the deep murky greens of some other senchas that I have had recently. It also carries over the orange scent from the leaf to the liquor. There is a very strong citrus aftertaste to this tea, but the citrus flavor is proceeded by a moderately strong bitterness. The tea leaves with a moderately light astringent feeling. All in all this feels like a good flavor pairing.

Rating: 6/10

Conclusion: The flavor of this tea is nothing spectacular, but relatively on par with being a flavored sencha. The price is rather low which makes this tea a bit more attractive. All in all I believe that it could use a bit more orange flavoring added to make a bolder tea.

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