Friday, April 18, 2008

Keemun Special Grade

Tea: Keemun Special Grade - 4701
Vendor: Lupicia USA
Price: $6.50 / 50g
Source: China
Vendor Description: This Keemun black tea deserving of China's boast to the world, is produced with traditional skills. Its faintly aromatic "Smoky scent" goes well with any type of meal.

Leaf: The leaf was in small dark colored pieces. It had a very deep tea flavored aroma to it.

1st Infusion: The aroma to the tea was a very sweet aroma. It reminded me of other sweet black teas or an oolong tea. The liquor was dark brown in color, and almost reminded me of coffee, only this was slightly lighter in color. The flavor was strong, but light bodied. It slowly built up to a flavor peak and then dropped off. There was no astringency and no bitterness following the dropoff. The flavor was rather smooth, but not particularly exciting of a tea.

2nd Infusion: This time the flavor was somewhat empty feeling. The tea had the same dark color, but the flavor was actually quite light in it.

Rating: 4/10

Conclusion: There wasn't anything particularly great about this tea. The flavor was generic and the price is a bit on the higher side. It lacked something distinctive though.

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