Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teabag - Japanese Green Tea

Tea: Japanese Green Tea (Sencha Matcha)
Vendor: Costco / Ito-en

This was a teabag that I was given to compare it for review. Costco is not normally somewhere that I would look for tea, but I figured I would review it anyway.

Teabag: The teabag was packaged individually in mylar packaging. When I opened the teabag there was a small puff of green tea which surprised me. I wasn't expecting this to be a Sencha Matcha bag since the teabag wasn't labeled as that. It was simply labeled as Japanese Green Tea, such an informative title, right? The teabag itself was made of the same material as most teabags are nowadays with a nylon like mesh material. The bag was in the shape of a satchel though, cut as a completely flat pouch, with no ribbing for expansion.

1st Infusion: The tea gave off a very strong sencha scent. As expected from a from a sencha matcha blend the color was very murky and a bright green color. The flavor of the tea was actually very weak. The tea had no bitterness or astrignecy and the flavor was very hard to find. In general it seems like the tea had the right look, just not enough of a flavor to back it.

Rating: 2/10

Conclusion: There just wasn't enough of a flavor here to really enjoy this tea. The appearance of the tea was quite nice, but it was quite lacking in strength.


Anonymous said...

Ever heard of steeping it longer..?

SilverNeedles said...

i so agree with your review Eric. i was reading thru the online "reviews" and i still find it amazing how much BS is on the interwebs.

This "tea" has almost no flavor.

1.5 grams tea in what cup ?? 2 oz ??? what tea man in his right mind created this?

its just wrong. except the way it colors the water.