Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tie Guan Yin

Tea: Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess) - 7006
Vendor: Lupicia USA
Price: $9.50 / 50g
Source: Anxi, China
Vendor Description: Anxi District, southern Fujian Province tea is one of the most familiar oolong teas in China. Firm dark-green tea leaves, slightly stronger flavor and a sweet refreshing aroma characterize this tea.

Leaf: Compared to the leaf from Swan Sisters, this leaf was a brighter green in color and did not have nearly as much dust. The leaves were curled into a variety of different shapes and sizes.

1st Infusion: This TGY had a much milder and sweeter aroma than the TGY from Swan Sisters. There was a hint of a roasted nuttiness in the flavor. The flavor was light and smooth, with hints of being minty. The flavor felt roasted like a hojicha and light very light bodied. There was no astringency to this tea.

2nd Infusion: This infusion had a more mellow, roasted flavor than the first. This one started to remind me even more of a hojicha. There was no bitterness or astringency, but the flavor became short lived.

Used Leaf: The used leaf for this tea was quite interesting. The leaf was very large and intact. Even after two infusions some of the leaves were still slightly curled and stiff. They were mainly intact in comparison to the ones from Swan Sisters.

Rating: 8/10

Conclusion: I liked this version of TGY better than the one from Swan Sisters. The leaves were better handled. I have yet to see a TGY really knock my socks off though.

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kirika said...

I liked this tea alot. Very distinctive flavor (for me), since I never tried TGY before (noob).