Monday, April 28, 2008

Tea Chai Te

Tea Chai Te

This was a little tearoom that I found after dinner one night and roaming around Portland. This wasn’t by any means an easy to find or very obvious location. If it were not for a sign on the sidewalk I probably wouldn’t have found the store.

The location of the store is actually on the second floor of what looks like a converted house. It almost felt like someone converted an upstairs apartment into a small tea room. The arrangement consisted of a few tables and couches organized in this small space with a wall of small jars. The wall of small jars was numbered for each jar with a small catalog of their teas below it. Each of their teas is numbered and priced as either Premium or Rare tea. The small jars each had a cork stopper so you could smell the tea if you liked. They stored their teas in relatively small cans for weighing out and packaged them in small paper bags similar to coffee bags.

Rating: 5/10

Conclusion: The feel of this tearoom was very cozy and feels like somewhere that you might like to go to spend an evening with some friends and just hang out. It felt a lot like a smaller version of the coffee shop from friends. I’m not sure what to think of this place as a place to find a good loose leaf tea. I’ll soon see how the tea is from them.

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