Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Feedback requested

Hi everyone,
I'm really not sure how many people have been reading my blog to this point (being a whopping 4 days old), but I'm really moving along in the dark here. My question for you the dear reader is this, is there anything that you would like to see me do differently? Any qualities of the tea you would like to know about, any teas that you would like me to review. I plan to review some matchas soon, but I'm waiting until I have a bit more time to dedicate to the matcha that they deserve. I might also try to figure out some kind of drawing or something for readers. Possibly some samples of teas I enjoy or something like that if anyone is interested. Please let me know I would love to hear some feedback.


Space Samurai said...

If you'd like to track your readers, I use sitemeter. Its been fun. I like to see what brings people to my blog, where they are from and to watch it grow.

My sugestion is just take your time and have fun with your blog. If you are honest and earnest, your own, unique voice will emerge.

I tried theme weeks for a while, which were fun if I liked the theme and miserable if the theme was forced.

Wes said...

Keep up the Japanese tea. -Word.