Friday, January 25, 2008

Sencha Premier

Tea: Sencha Premier
Vendor: Adagio
Price: $26.00/5oz.
Location: Shizuoka, Japan
Vendor Description: Green tea from the Shizuoka region of Japan. Special occasions call for a Japanese tea that is truly sublime. Our 'Sencha Premier' is just such tea. Made only from the dark green leaves gathered in the treasured first (early spring) flush, this tea infuses with an aroma and taste unsurpassed by any other. If you enjoy green tea, do not miss an opportunity to revel in this unique treat.

This sencha is as they describe, it is a very nice sencha. The leaves themselves are very long and slender when you first take a look at it. The leaves are all dark green and very uniform. The color of this tea is a very delicate light green (although the picture I took doesn't do it justice). I will get better at taking pictures of tea, I promise. It has a very light scent to it that captures the freshness and grassy flavor of this tea perfectly. The scent is also very delicate and a pleasure to the senses.

The initial taste of this tea is very grassy and vegetal, not quite as strong as the Yame Gyokuro from Lupicia though. After the initial grassy taste it is followed by the sencha bite, but the bite is not as strong as some other senchas, it is a bit more subdued than normal. The tea finishes off with a medium sense of astringency, enough to leave the mouth slightly dry and clean, but not enough to make you reach for the glass of water.

Rating: 9/10

Conclusion: This is one very solid sencha. While not the best that I have had, it is far from the worst. The most appealing part of this tea is the delicate scent that it has. The downside is that its price makes it a bit steep for a daily tea. It is worth a try and if it is your cup of tea for your perfect tea, personally for me my quest continues.

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