Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Genmaicha Extra Green

Tea: Genmaicha Extra Green
Vendor: Den's Tea
Origin: Shizuoka and Nishio, Japan
Price: $4.25/2 oz.
Vendor Description: Genmaicha Extra Green (with Matcha), Den’s Tea special blend of Genmaicha with Matcha powder tea is a slightly sweet and highly aromatic tea. Match contributes its natural sweetness to the full body flavor of the Genmaicha.

This tea is a combination of genmaicha and matcha. It is genmaicha that has been rolled in matcha. The liquor itself has a brilliant green color with a certain cloudiness. I was a bit surprised at first to see the color of this tea because I wasn't expecting something with quite this shade of green to it.

The tea itself is slightly sweet and very smooth. It is a very mild tea with a light taste of the toasted rice. The toasted rice flavor is not nearly as prevalent as with other genmaichas. It has a very light astringent taste to it that is mild enough to leave the mouth with a slight sense of cleanliness, but not so much that it is highly noticeable.

Rating: 8/10

Conclusion: This is a very unusual combination of Japanese teas, it is sweet and at the same time very mild. It is not a particularly expensive tea, and I think it would be well suited for a daily tea. My favorite part of this tea is that it is somewhat mild.

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