Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jasmin Dragon Pearl

Tea: Jasmin Dragon Pearl 8202
Vendor: Lupicia USA
Price: $7.50 / 25g

While I tend to lean toward Japanese green teas, I got this as part of a promo from Lupicia USA. The Dragon Pearls are very interesting because of the way they are packaged. The tea comes in pea sized balls which when brewed unravel into their original form. With this one in particular each ball turns out to be a few young developing leaves from the tip of the stem. The process of watching the pearls unravel makes this tea worth trying just because of the unique nature of it.

I had to experiment with this tea a few times to brew a cup that I really liked. The Jasmine scent/flavor of this tea is very very strong, and almost overpowering. I ended up cutting the amount of tea down rather considerably. As you can tell from the picture (I'm sorry for my sad photo abilities, i'll get better I promise) the tea is very light in color. This is because this is a weaker cup of tea. This allows me to enjoy it without being overpowered by the Jasmine scent and taste of this tea. If you are a big fan of Jasmine I would highly suggest this tea. That is the most noticeable characteristic of this tea. All other flavors involved are put on the back burner.

Rating: 5/10

Conclusion: This tea is interesting to brew and watch, but unless you really like Jasmine it is probably going to be very overwhelming to you.

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kirika said...

Of the few Jasmine Dragon Pearl that I have tried, I like Lupicia's best. And I really like Jasmine tea.

My Lupicia is always out of stock. I finally broke down and bought the Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl tin at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It's a better buy per oz. cost-wise, but Id still go for the Lupicia JDP if they kept it in stock.

As far as being too strong, if you want a milder brew, just use less pearls, your tea stock will last a little longer. :)