Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Tea: Tokio 8506
Vendor: Lupicia USA
Price: $5.50/50g
Vendor description: Green tea is delicately flavored with sweet berries. Fresh tasting tea can be enjoyed by everyone. Try as iced tea in the hot summer.

On one of my recent visits to Lupicia I came across this while smelling random flavored/scented green teas. This one was rather surprising in that it smelled very strongly like bubble gum crossed with a sweet strawberry flavor. This tea is rather unique in that it is a blend of green and black tea, as you can notice from the leaves. When brewing the strong sweet fruity smell comes through very well.

The flavor for this tea is very abrupt and very short lived, it comes on strong, dissipates quickly and finishes that wayl. It leaves with almost no astringency and no bitterness at all. This is very different from most other green teas which have multiple portions to the flavor. The life of the flavor is very rich and very strong though.

Rating: 8/10

Conclusion: This tea is an interesting blend which produces a very unique flavored tea. I very much enjoy the smell and it is not very expensive. I would say this one is worth a try, and be sure to take in the aroma and enjoy it.

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kirika said...

I really enjoyed Tokio, which is surprising, because I tend to avoid flavored tea (unless it's Jasmine Dragon Pearl).

I receive this tea for Xmas, so I wasn't expecting very much.

I liked the bouquet (smell), and the taste was very pleasant. It came with a decorative tin, so that's always a plus.

Overall, I wouldn't mind getting Tokio again, but it wouldn't be on the top of my shopping list.