Saturday, January 12, 2008

Inaugural Post


This is the first post of my new tea blog. While I know that this is nothing new, as there are many people who enjoy tea and started blogging about their tea experiences, I figured I might as well join the ranks of them. My personal tea preference is toward Japanese Green teas, which I have noticed that there aren't that many bloggers who review that many of them. A lot of other bloggers from what I have noticed like to review a wide assortment of puerh teas. I guess i'm hoping that this is my niche.

Thanks for taking a look, and hopefully i'll have lots of posts for you in the time to come.


Space Samurai said...

Hi, welcome to the tea blogosphere. I hope you find it at as rewarding as I have.

I agree; many of the blogs that focus on higher end tea revolve around puerh and oolong. There are indeed few that look torwards Japanese tea consistantly, and as I just found out, even fewer that bother with matcha for anything other than cooking.

It seems you and I have found ourselves drawn to the same niche. I think we'll like it here.

Eric said...

Yay! It's nice to know that at least someone has read my blog so far. I hope to be able to post some interesting content here in the future. Thanks for reading!