Saturday, January 19, 2008


Tea: Gyokuro
Vendor: Adagio
Location: Japan
Cost: $29.00 / 5oz.
Vendor Description: Green tea from Japan famed for its unique shading process. Gyokuro, meaning 'pearl dew,' is among the finest of Japanese teas. Our 'Moonlight Gyokuro' is made solely from the prized tender buds gathered in the early spring flush. Three weeks prior to plucking, tea bushes are shaded from the sun. The fruits of this hard work are evident in each cup. The result is a gentle tea with an intoxicating fragrance and truly sublime taste.

One of my favorite forms of Japanese green tea is Gyokuro. While there isn't anything particularly special about this Gyokuro, it is a solid Gyokuro. It has a very grassy/vegetal taste, a very nice sense of umami, and a very low sense of astringency. There was nothing that I could particularly fault about this tea, but it had nothing truly extraordinary.

Rating: 9/10

Conclusion: This is a solid gyokuro, but nothing outstanding gyokuro. It is rather expensive if you are ordering it in quantity, but all gyokuro tends to be. I would highly suggest the sample size if you haven't tried out Gyokuro.

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